Say hello to Sero Stones

Modern EMDR tools for the 21st century

Sero Stones are beautifully designed wireless tappers that can be controlled through our app remotely, allowing therapists and clients access to the power of BLS when and where they need it most.
📦  Batch One est. delivery April 2022
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“Sero Stones have quickly become an essential part of my EMDR toolkit.”

Anthony Folino, M.A., LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor

Focus on the treatment, not the tools

Quick setup w/ intuitive controls
Wirelessly connect and control Sero Stones right from your smartphone or tablet with the Sero app. No need to untangle wires, navigate complex menus, or monitor the battery.
Designed for people, not patients
While other devices can be perceived as threatening and scary, Sero Stones are approachable, grounding, and allow for safe social distancing. Spend less time explaining and more time practicing.
Track session progress without distraction
Let Sero keep track of sets and repetitions and treatment progress so you can focus on the client.
Agnes Wohl, LCSW
EMDR Clinician
“I've been practicing EMDR therapy for over 20 years and Sero Stones are by far the best tappers.”

Support in-person and at home care

Coming Soon!
Bring a physical presence to online sessions
Be in touch with your clients with full remote control of their Sero Stones from anywhere in the world. Just because a client can't make it into the office, doesn't mean treatment can't continue.
Notes and session tracking
Easily record and track session notes, SUDs, VOC, targets, resources and more - Straight from the app. Export them anytime you need!
Anytime access to tapping for grounding
Portable and discreet, Sero Stones can go anywhere with a client and provide calm when they are experiencing distress in between 1-1 therapy sessions.
"Tapping with the Sero Stones helps to calm me whenever I'm feeling overwhelmed and anxious."
- Client

Elevate your practice to the next level

Offer your clients the best chance of recovery with the best tools for EMDR therapy.
Fully wireless
Remote sessions
Intuitive app controls
Taps and vibration
Mindfulness sessions
Grounding design

Sero Stones

Therapist Preferred
2x Sero Stone tappers
Wireless charging dock and USB C cable
Full access to the Sero app (iOS only for now)
Hassle-free 1yr warranty
30-day no hassle returns
Meet The sero team

Why we built Sero Stones

We have battled with our own access to quality care when we needed it most.

We listened to 200+ therapists and clients share their frustrations with the wired, archaic tappers currently available.

We knew there had to be a better solution for Today's remote world - so we built Sero.
Ciarán Murphy and Tyler Beaty
The co-founders of Sero
Welcome to the Sero family

Join the other incredible therapists loving Sero

Researchers & Trainers

If you are researching EMDR therapy or training EMDR therapists and would like to receive our devices for testing remote treatment, we would love to help.

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