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Wireless tappers for online EMDR therapy

Sero Stones allow therapists to physically connect with clients, even when they can't make it into the office.

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We talked to 200+ EMDR therapists

“Wow, I am so happy with the outcome. My business has never had a website so nice.”
Sara M. Baldwin, MA MHP LMHC
Director of Seattle EMDR Associates
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Kristin Anderson, LCSW
Clarity Therapy NYC
“Let’s get down to brass tacks, this is a breathtaking design - backed by fantastic support.”

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Offer your clients the best chance of recovery with the best tools for EMDR therapy.
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Sero Stones

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2x Sero Stones
1x Wireless charging dock with an included USB C cable
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We are aiming to be shipping in March or April of 2022.
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Meet The sero team

Why we built Sero Stones

We have battled with our own access to quality care when we needed it most.

We listened to 200+ therapists and clients share their frustrations with the wired, archaic tappers currently available.

We knew there had to be a better solution for Today's remote world - so we built Sero.
Tyler Beaty and Ciarán Murphy
The co-founders of Sero
Sero spotlight

Learn how Sero Stones have quickly become an essential part of Anthony Folino's EMDR toolkit.

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Researchers & Trainers

If you are researching EMDR therapy or training EMDR therapists and would like to receive our devices for testing remote treatment, we would love to help.

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“Sero Stones have quickly become an essential part of my EMDR toolkit.”

Anthony Folino, M.A., LPCC
Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor